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FistaFiltration is a specialised Company who manufacture, supply and fit acrylic aquariums, vivariums and filter systems for both residential and commercial use.

Our recent projects...

  The manufacture, supply and fitting of 6 display fish tanks and filter systems for Fintasia in Braintree, Essex.

The manufacture, supply and fitting of a fishpond splash guard for Sidcup Aquatics in Kent.

The manufacture and supply of a large quantity of drip trays for Rats, Cats & Elephants in Capel St Mary, Suffolk.

The manufacture, supply and fitting acrylic fish tank (including all fish, corals and rock) for East Anglian Van & Car Hire in Halstead, Essex.

The Beginning

FistaFiltration was founded when David Dunnett (our Managing Director) decided to keep Tropical Marine Fish. He discovered, very quickly, that the supply of the equipment such as the trickle filters and protein skimmers were very expensive as they were only available from America. Therefore, David decided to design and make his own. David is a designer, sign writer and fitter by trade so had a good eye for design.

What he went on to design and make, was unique to this country as there was nothing else on the market being manufactured in the UK. Sadly, David was never able to patent his designs due to the cost, however, this did not deter him and he soon found a market for his products and went on to supply major aquatic shops and wholesalers.

Who is David Dunnett and what’s his story?

David was the Membership Secretary of “The South East Marine Society” for 5 years which included organising Guest Speakers, the sourcing of products and arranging competitions for club members.

David has a wealth of experience in the aquatic world and was asked to assist in the construction of the fish tanks that were used in the “Mission Impossible” film and also the construction of a fish tank for a Belgium TV advert.

FistaFiltration were commissioned to manufacture and supply 300 bespoke 6’ x 15” fish tank lids for the “University of Wales” science department and have also supplied numerous manufacturers including Seabray Aquariums, Seychell Aquariums and Halstead Aquariums in Kent.

The above is just a brief summary of David’s expertise and of the work that FistaFiltration have carried out over the years.

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Outstanding build quality, far surperior filtration power to anything else out there!

I commissioned some fry traps and was veryimpressed by the build quality and attention to detail. I have already recommendedFistaFiltration to others and would have no  hesitation in using them again myself.